My Super Mario Maker 2 Monstrosities

mario maker milan ciganovic
This won’t end well.

Hey. Super Mario Maker 2 came out on June 28th, 2019. I picked it up as soon as Best Buy opened. Then I made some really bad courses. I was inspired by Giant Bomb’s series of bad-by-design courses from the first game.

Here are two of my bad courses (levels). I was punished for making them by having to spend a long time clearing them so that they could be uploaded.

Quick Tactical Brown (3GY-0KX-90G)

smm2 milan ciganovic
Its a quick level with tactical (surgical) jumps, and is brown.

With a 0.36% success rate, this is a real stinker. Here’s a walkthrough (done with the Nintendo Switch’s built in recording).

This was a lucky run, I usually have more trouble underneath the plants.

Smooth ft. Rob Thomas (and Mario) (CBM-W2H-8FG)

smm2 smooth rob thomas
Ugh. Had to make it easier because I had trouble clearing it without losing my mind.

This one is spliced together with footage of a single run since the switch can only record 30 seconds at a time. This one has not been played yet. I made it easier by removing a single spike and shortening a track. Also it has checkpoints.

This is gonna haunt me for years. It’s not even hard when segmented with checkpoints. To clear it, however, I had to clear it from start to finish in one go.

Oh, Happy Canada Day too!

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