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Thanks Nintendo! Joy Con Drift Issue “Repaired”!

I bought my Nintendo Switch a few months after it originally came out in March 2017. Like a lot of other owners, I began having issues with the the controller(s) receiving phantom inputs and behaving oddly. It really sucked.

I contacted Nintendo of Canada and filled out a service request. Even though the controllers were out of warranty, Nintendo sent me the information needed to send them in for free repairs (probably given the negative press and discussions of a class action lawsuit.)

I sent the controllers on August 7th, 2019:

joy con repair
Godspeed you little bastards.

It took a week for the package to arrive in Vancouver for repairs. It then took a further 2+ weeks before the controllers were accepted for repairs. I was still able to play Mario Maker 2 with my 8BitDo controller in the meanwhile.

I finally got a shipping notice on September 4th, 2019. A SINGLE day later, I received a parcel from Vancouver:

joy con repair
The Mario Party stickers prevent me from calling this a “goody bag.”

They sent me brand new joy con controllers (MSRP $90 CAD), some Mario Party stickers, a Splatoon 2 pin, and a poster for the upcoming Pokemon games.

Thanks Nintendo!

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