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ASUS Presents: My Pet Rock 2020

You ever get extremely excited about something, only to end up having it stress you out into a coma-like state? That’s what happened to me when I failed to successfully upgrade my aging PC.

Last year I upgraded my graphics card (GPU), and I had also previously upgraded to solid state hard drives (SSDs). This was a good start, but I have been primarily bottle-necked by my ancient CPU and motherboard. I’m talking about 2013-era hardware.

This was to change when I got a good deal on an AMD Ryzen 2700x CPU (8 cores/16 threads) and a compatible AM4 socket ASUS motherboard. Things were looking up. The scene was set for my computer to enter the future (of 2018-era hardware to be exact.)

Here’s what my toolset for working with electronics looks like. The anti-static wristband shows that I’m a professional. The beer says otherwise.

After putting it all together I was pretty stoked. It looked great and very clean cable-wise.

The very first time I booted it up, before even doing a fresh install of Windows, the bios screen froze. That should’ve been a sign of things to come. After a fresh Windows install and set-up I started getting blue screens of death (BSODs) for a number of issues. Everything from drivers to the GPU.

This was really upsetting. After a whole day and a half of trying to troubleshoot issues, I figured it was a faulty motherboard. Thanks Asus.

I’ve had an Asus GPU fail, issues with an Asus CD drive, and the expensive Asus laptop I bought for university had the motherboard fry just after the warranty expired. You’d think I would’ve learned by now.

Thankfully, Amazon has a good return/exchange policy. I exchanged the CPU for a new one and returned the motherboard, waiting for a better deal on one from MSI (a company I trust.)

noctua ns012
Noctua is an amazing company.

In the meanwhile, I had to put together a Franskenstein PC from older parts, and I’m also waiting for parts from Nocuta to make my older cpu cooler to work on my new cpu. Noctua sent them free from Germany. Many thanks. Noctua is awesome.

That’s about it. If you ever wanted to see a grown Serbian man shaking out of pure anxiety and nausea, you should’ve seen me during this ordeal.

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