About Me

Noted cat connoisseur and nerd. Be on the lookout for my upcoming autobiography: In a Bowling League with Satan: the Milan Ciganovic Story. Link to my store can be found in the menu bar, or you can access it by clicking here.

Here are some facts about me:

  • Name is Milan Ciganović in Latin script and Милан Цигановић in Cyrillic;
  • Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd
  • I have a BA(H) in International Relations and a Master’s in Political Science. You can read my paper here;
  • My family and I were refugees/IDPs for almost 3 years;
  • I do not have any social media accounts;
  • I am certified in First Aid, CPR, and in the use of an AED;
  • I care about issues pertaining to mental health, animal welfare, human rights, gender equality, and many more;
  • I did not take part in any events leading up to the First World War;
  • My hobbies include listening to music, collecting and playing guitars, video games (playing, reading about, listening to podcasts about), walking, going to the gym, comedy, and much more.
  • People I admire include my parents, George Carlin, James Randi,  and Jeff Gerstmann.

Here are some things about me which may or may not be true:

  • Underground soundcloud rapper known as KRS-1.5 (aka Europa Bombaataa, aka Kooler Herc, aka Pierre Gamin);
  • I’ve been called the white Nate Dogg;
  • I have also been called a whiter version of Snow;
  • World record holder in Polybius;
  • I own the domain sleazy.website;
  • My life is one long and sad piece of performance art;
  • I have the amazing skill of turning every pair of jeans into skinny jeans;
  • Obsessive compulsive;
  • Persona non grata in 4 Caribbean nations;
  • I take myself very seriously;
  • Mr. Universe 1987 and winner of 2008 Eurovision song contest;
  • I’ve only ever been charged with corporate espionage, but never convicted;
  • I have the coolest sister ever;
  • Certified Pokémon Master (aka pokémensch).

Here is a picture of me:

I’m sort of the perfect man- if you squint your eyes and overlook my many personal flaws.