Privacy Policy

Given the whole kerfuffle with Facebook currently underway, I would like to make sure you know my stance on matters of online privacy. As such, please read over my privacy policy.  I do not want to end up sitting on a booster seat in front of a government committee. Not for a third time, I mean.

Please stop!

I would greatly appreciate it if everyone could please stop spreading rumors that I am currently in a romantic relationship with Rihanna. Again, I am not currently seeing Rihanna. Thank you in advance for no longer saying that I am dating the pop star, Rihanna.

A Good Joke In Bad Taste

Billy (Bimmy) and Jimmy Menendez. The true crime/double dragon crossover you never asked for or thought you actually wanted.

bimmy and jimmy
Bimmy and Jimmy Menendez. Too soon?


March 2018 Walking Total

I walked over 310 km in March 2018. Unfortunately, not all of my activities were saved and are, therefore,  not reflected in the total. My walking abilities are available for hire.

milan ciganovic walks
“Will walk for money.”

Pretentious Milan Presents: A Graduate Thesis

Do you have an hour to waste? Why not read one of the most original research papers to come out of my alma mater. The very academic-sounding title of the paper is The Bystander Effect and Humanitarian Intervention in Mass Atrocity Crimes: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Factors Influencing Bystander Intervention. 

At the time it was written, the paper was pretty refreshing, but as I have not maintained any interest in academic writing post-graduation, there may have been something similar written since. The paper is shorter than typical graduate theses given the nature of the program. This a rough version as I do not have access to the final version.

I regret wasting my time with academics, but this paper is pretty good.

Mind the Mess

Hello. Please enjoy some curated music while I work on this site.