I’m the Drift Skeleton King Now

I went to a drifting event last October… to watch and be pit crew, I mean. I like a lot motorsports, especially drifting, but I’m too chicken to participate in any myself. And yes, that is a Toyota Supra.

milan ciganovic
I died as I lived- crying in the passenger seat that is life.

Wanted: These Two Cool Parents

March 2018 marked 20 years since my family and I came to Canada. These are some totally not unflattering photos of my  parents from around that time. Some things to note: 1. My dad did not have a mullet (it’s a shadow); 2. We were refugees at the time; and 3. I got my mother’s fierce good looks.

Be on the look out for these two Serbian style icons. They are considered to be unarmed and extremely fabulous.

Serbia 2018 Photo Dump

3 months late(r). Some photos from my trip to Serbia. It was too hot.

Childhood Home and Croatia Trip Photo Dump (2018)

I visited my childhood/family home in Croatia. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Milan Ciganovic: European Citizen

In addition to visiting my grandparents for what is probably the last time, I was finally able to get my Croatian citizenship and passport. This would not have been possible without the hard work of my aunt Gordana.

I would like to clarify that I only have love and loyalty for Canada, the country that welcomed me with open arms.

European Milan
They let Milan into the party just as it seems to be winding down. Story of my life.

Pretentious Milan Presents: A Graduate Thesis

Do you have an hour to waste? Why not read one of the most original research papers to come out of my alma mater. The very academic-sounding title of the paper is The Bystander Effect and Humanitarian Intervention in Mass Atrocity Crimes: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Factors Influencing Bystander Intervention. 

At the time it was written, the paper was pretty refreshing, but as I have not maintained any interest in academic writing post-graduation, there may have been something similar written since. The paper is shorter than typical graduate theses given the nature of the program. This a rough version as I do not have access to the final version.

I regret wasting my time with academics, but this paper is pretty good.